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Philadelphia Eagles Schedule 2015

It’s almost that time of the year again! The football season is just a few short months away, and fans everywhere are wondering who their favorite team is going to be up against. Luckily for you we’ve got the complete Eagles schedule right here. Just go down a bit and you can see every game that they are going to be playing. If you want to pick up some tickets you can simply follow the link for the competition of your choosing and pick out a seat for you and your friends or family.

Philadelphia Fans Rejoice There Won’t Be Much Traveling For The Eagles

Compared to every other NFL team in 2015 the Philadelphia Eagles have the lightest load when it comes to traveling. This information comes from John Breech over at cbssports.com. They are only going to need to log just shy of 7000 miles during their entire season. Their longest single trip on the road is going to be around 1500 miles, and that is going to happen when they face off against one of their biggest rivals in the division, the Dallas Cowboys.

If you disregard that contest, every single match that Philadelphia is going to be involved in will involve under 1000 miles of travel. The second and third longest journeys for the season will be for their games in Detroit and Atlanta. Just to shed some light on how easy a load this is let’s take a look at the 49ers itinerary. The San Francisco club will need to put in 28,000 miles during their 2015 season. You can see how easy the Eagles have it. They’ve got four times less miles to cover.

This gives the Philadelphia club a distinct advantage over other teams. They were certainly lucky this year, at least with regards to their current itinerary. Even if you are used to traveling a lot, it’s still not easy flying to all these different time zones and getting ready for a professional sporting event. Even for professional football players who are flying all year round, it still takes something out of them physically and mentally.

Teams Often Struggle In Games With Long Travel

Take a look at their 2014 season from a statistical perspective. There to most distant matches were against Arizona in San Francisco, and they lost all of them. According to the data put forth by John Breech, clubs that have to travel a lot of miles often perform poorly during their road games.

When you take into account the Philadelphia Eagles schedule this year, and the huge transformation that their roster underwent, it will certainly be interesting to find out how well they do in 2015. The coach of the team Chip Kelly has only let players on his roster that 100% believe in his coaching style. If anyone had a problem with the way he ran things, they are no longer a part of the lineup. Not only have they completely restructured the secondary line, they’ve also made big changes to the offensive line. With changes of that magnitude to sections of the team that are vital to success, no one is sure how many wins they will be able to put on the board.